Routeplan Features

Full featured route planning

Save time and money and improve driver satisfaction with our powerful and easy to use multi vehicle route optimisation. Customisable routing options to meet your needs.

Easy To Use
Save time and reduce complexity with simple onboarding. Get setup in minutes, optimise routes in seconds.
Flexible and Affordable
Get started now for free. No credit card required to signup and only pay for what you use. Routeplan pricing is simple and transparent.
Smart Routing
Reduce delivery times and costs with powerful routing options, calculate efficient routes for multiple vehicles, considering important delivery variables.

Route Optimisation

Powerful routing engine

Solve complex routing problems easily and quickly using our powerful route optimisation software.

Traffic Conditions
Reduce travel time and fuel consumption with routes based on traffic and road conditions, leading to faster and more reliable deliveries.
Delivery Windows
Ensure timely deliveries and improve customer satisfaction by specifying multiple delivery windows for each customer.
Vehicle Capacity
Prevent overloading, ensure compliance with safety regulations and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.
Driver Schedules
Improve driver management and satisfaction with easily configurable driver options including start times, end times and breaks.
Start and End Locations
Enhance route planning efficiency by allowing for customised route start and end points, accommodating your specific operational needs.
Delivery Times
Improve planning and customer communication. Calculate estimated delivery times for each delivery, considering delivery duration and traffic flow.
Easy Integration
Integrate with your existing systems to reduce manual data entry and improve workflow efficiency.
Driver Documentation
Reduce errors and improve delivery accuracy with better driver documentation including route maps, delivery instructions and delivery schedules.
Flexible Routing
Routeplan offers customisable routing options to meet your specific business objectives, prioritising speed, cost-efficiency, or route simplicity.
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